Frame of the Week - Blacksmith Gravel


We have been working hard to find and build a network of some of the worlds finest bike dealers. Dealers need to specialise in bike fitting and have a great understanding of high quality products and custom bikes. Toronto’s Blacksmith Cycle were one of the first to come on board.


This is their shop demo sample and will also be their head mechanics new Gravel Adventure machine for hitting the wilds around Toronto.


The paint brief was for something ‘Pollack Inspired’,  you might think this is just flinging a bit of paint around, and to some extent it is. There is also a heap of work involved sanding and finishing so that it all looks unified.  Fortunately the results were definitely worth it. 


The frame is now on its way to Canada and we look forward to some pics of the full build and the bike getting dirty once delivered.


In-depth Independent Review From Cycling Tips


Featured this week was an in-depth review from our friends at CYCLING TIPS, Australia's premier cycling website and information hub.

The ROAD DISC bicycle was put through its paces by one of their elite. Here is a bit of the reviewer had to say:

“Incredibly smooth, like sliding down the glassy face of a Perfect wave"

"for those that truly enjoy a bike that doesn¹t provide any feedback from the road, Plane¹s custom road disc frame is unrivaled.”


And finally, a word from one of their readers:

"Sorry to bring all the innovation, engineering and buyer psychology debate down to my level... but that bike is bloody lovely. And we must never underestimate the power of the 'bloody lovely' quotient in any bicycle related decision making process."

You can read the ARTICLE IN FULL HERE.


Bike of the Week - Sweet Blue Road


This weeks feature bike is a sweet 1x11 Ultegra Di2 Road bike.


A 50t front chain ring and an 11-32 rear cassette gives a range that can conquer pretty much anything but with the simplicity of a sequential gearing. 

This bike is for a local Perth cyclist who actually came in to the studio to play around with us mixing up the paint colour. This striking blue was the result which everyone is really happy with.


Bike of the Week - Less Is More


A few weeks ago we posted a bike that had a completely rebuilt 3D cad model to enable us to bring a range of refinements together and streamline our process. Upon completion of this bike we, realised that there were a few design elements that could be taken still further. So with the adaptability of our production technique on our side, we rebuilt the model again with this weeks feature being the result.


Visually we are seeking to create a very clean and simple design with a contemporary feel. Using a "less is more" approach as per all good modern design. We have simplified the frame shape and tube profiles to give us the aesthetic we were looking for. Good design can never be only based on looks though, all of our revisions have function as their core driver with this new version of the frame now being both stronger and stiffer, as well as easier to manufacture.

From now, all our new frames will be developed from this platform. There will of course continue to be minor refinements and tuning in our endless quest for perfection, as well as a couple of exciting new models soon to be released. 

Stay tuned.


Bike of the Week - Archie Rose Street Rocket


This weeks feature bike is an urban commuter rocket, built for the founder of Sydney's burgeoning Archie Rose Distillery. The bike is built around our fully-tailored carbon fibre frame set with robust Shimano Alfine hub gears and Gates Carbon Drive belt.


One of the beauties of our manufacturing technique, is that we can easily make frames to suit different drive-train and set up requirements from the same base model.

So while categorised as a commuter, this bike has all the features of our full road frames which you can view on our website.


Bike of the Week - Plane Road Update

This week's feature represents a comprehensive step forward in our product development. One of the great things about our unique carbon manufacturing process is that it enables us to easily make changes and refinements to the base CAD file that is the starting point for each frame.


For this high spec road build we have completely revised the frame design with our base CAD model, which has been rebuilt from the ground up to incorporate a raft of refinements that we have been working on over the past couple of months. This includes: tube shapes and profiles, new in-house produced flat mount disc dropouts, new chain and seat stays, new seat post clamping system, revised internal cable routing and the reworking of all intersections with a particular focus on the bottom bracket. The revision of this frame also includes a number of other minor details.


From a distance this frame may look similar to our previous builds, but upon closer inspection you will see that we have really left no stone unturned in its refinements.

The main drivers behind the revisions have been to make the frames stiffer, stronger and lighter. Plus, easier to produce and easier to build up in final bike form. All of this has been achieved with this version, but as with all iterative design process, the refinements will continue...

Bike of the Week - Belinda's Custom Carbon Road

This weeks featured bike is a great example of why custom geometry makes such a big difference to a well fitting bike. This bike was made for a local lady who is tall but doesn't have long arms. To make a standard geometry frame (even a female specific one) fit properly, would have required significant ‘shoehorning’ and would still not achieved the right fit.

This frame was made following a full Retul Dynamic Fit session, fits like a glove with millimetre perfect geometry to give hours of perfect fitting comfort in the saddle as well as confidence in handling.

"This is my first custom carbon bike, it's already so amazing - it flies along. It was made exactly for my proportions so it's the first time a bike has fit my long legs and slightly shorter body. It's ridiculously comfortable, easy to ride, and such a pretty colour in the sunlight. Thanks guys."

- Belinda

If you have been thinking about how a custom fit frame could work for you, please drop us a line from the links on our Contact Page.

Bike of the Week - Silver Road


Fresh out of the studio, our new frame and build is something we have been working on for a while and represents several advances in our production process. It uses an improved compression technique for the carbon fibre, allowing us to increase the fibre to resin ratio and bring the frame weight in at 875 grams.


The frame also has version 2.0 of our in-house produced flat mount/ thru axle dropout system. The dropout system has now moved onto a version 3.0, with several small refinements being incorporated for future builds.

The spec list  list for the complete bike is as follows:
Flat Mount Disc, 2 x 11, Ultegra 6800 Di2 with the Dura Ace Syncro Shift firmware update, 3T cockpit, Chris King headset, White Industries CLD hubs, 28mm Vittoria Corsa tyres, Fabric saddle.

Along with the frame being beautifully light, it is also stiff where it matters and extremely comfortable. The latest Plane Frameworks machine is now being ridden around Perth by a happy new owner.

Great Customer Feedback


"As a repeat customer of Matt and the team over several years (two previous bikes, one steel single speed and a titanium/ carbon road bike), I was particularly interested in their new Plane Frameworks venture and the development of the unique custom carbon fibre manufacturing process.
I was very happy with my previous purchases but my new bike has taken this to another level…it really is an excellent machine and certainly the best and most comfortable bike I have ever ridden, bar none.
In the two months since I have had this bike, I have done nearly 2500 km and have particularly been impressed with the way that the frame construction and materials really dampen out road vibrations and significantly improve riding comfort.

Custom Carbon Roadbike - Corbett002

As a result of the super comfortable ride, I have found muscle fatigue to be considerably reduced and as a consequence, I am much less tired at the end of long rides. The perfect fit of the frame, also adds to the comfort and gives me much greater confidence in the saddle enhancing the enjoyment and performance of the bike all round.
My congratulations to the PLANE FRAMEWORKS team for producing an excellent bike at such a great price."
Corbett Poynton