Bike of the Week - Belinda's Custom Carbon Road

This weeks featured bike is a great example of why custom geometry makes such a big difference to a well fitting bike. This bike was made for a local lady who is tall but doesn't have long arms. To make a standard geometry frame (even a female specific one) fit properly, would have required significant ‘shoehorning’ and would still not achieved the right fit.

This frame was made following a full Retul Dynamic Fit session, fits like a glove with millimetre perfect geometry to give hours of perfect fitting comfort in the saddle as well as confidence in handling.

"This is my first custom carbon bike, it's already so amazing - it flies along. It was made exactly for my proportions so it's the first time a bike has fit my long legs and slightly shorter body. It's ridiculously comfortable, easy to ride, and such a pretty colour in the sunlight. Thanks guys."

- Belinda

If you have been thinking about how a custom fit frame could work for you, please drop us a line from the links on our Contact Page.