Bike of the Week - Plane Road Update

This week's feature represents a comprehensive step forward in our product development. One of the great things about our unique carbon manufacturing process is that it enables us to easily make changes and refinements to the base CAD file that is the starting point for each frame.


For this high spec road build we have completely revised the frame design with our base CAD model, which has been rebuilt from the ground up to incorporate a raft of refinements that we have been working on over the past couple of months. This includes: tube shapes and profiles, new in-house produced flat mount disc dropouts, new chain and seat stays, new seat post clamping system, revised internal cable routing and the reworking of all intersections with a particular focus on the bottom bracket. The revision of this frame also includes a number of other minor details.


From a distance this frame may look similar to our previous builds, but upon closer inspection you will see that we have really left no stone unturned in its refinements.

The main drivers behind the revisions have been to make the frames stiffer, stronger and lighter. Plus, easier to produce and easier to build up in final bike form. All of this has been achieved with this version, but as with all iterative design process, the refinements will continue...