The design of all our frames has been a meticulous process that’s been through many iterations and refinements. The driving concept behind the form and structure is to make frames that are as comfortable as possible with no compromise on performance.





The starting point for any custom bike is a great fit.  This is done by communicating the desired requirements for the bike with a professional fitter. The fitter will then go through a thorough process to dial in the geometry for the frame to maximize both comfort and efficiency in the finished machine. 


Mould Making



Once the geometry is locked down, this is processed to enable us to mill out a one off EPS (extruded polystyrene) mould to millimeter-perfect dimensions.  This positive mould is the key to our ability to make full frames in one piece.


When the frame is finished the mould stays in the frame bringing one very nice added benefit to the finished product as it does an amazing job at dampening vibrations, further enhancing the comfort of the finished build.


Carbon Layup



We cut out pre preg carbon fibre in a unique pattern generated for each frame’s specifics.  The aerospace-grade carbon we use varies for different locations on the frame.  Once the fibre is laid in place it is compressed using both vacuum and positive pressure and cured in our custom autoclave.





The final look of a custom machine is clean and effortless. All of our preparation, painting and final coatings are done in-house, using a completely water based system of automotive and aerospace products. 


Hand Crafted in Australia.